YH-2971 Trojan Cobblers/Patcher Machine

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YH-2971 Trojan Cobblers/Patcher Machine

Single needle shoe repair machine. 500rpm maximum stitch 5.1mm. For extra-heavy material leather, rubber plastic, canvas shoes, boots slippers, bag, shoe repairs

Leather Patch Machine Single Needle Lockstitch Cylindrical Bed Machine 360 Degree Rotating Presser Foot For Sewing In Any Direction.

  • Leather Patcher Sewing Machine Suitable For Sewing Or Repairing Thick Materials (Leather, Rubber, Plastic And Canvas), Like Shoes, Boots, Slipper, Bag, Dolls And Cylindrical Goods. Suitable Threads Nylon Polyester Cotton

  • Patch Stitching Machine There Are 2 Kinds Of Shuttle For Selection, Large Or Small. The Small Work Platform Can Sew A Small Tubular Goods

  • Industrial Shoes Sewing Machine Max Sewing Speed 500SPM. The Arm Length 30CM., Hand Crank Industrial Patcher Sewing Machine.


YH-2971 Trojan Cobblers/Patcher Machine

Industrial Sewing Machine

Machine speed: max 500 spm

oiling system: manual

Hook type: small hook

Stitch length: max 7 mm

Presser foot lift: max 9 mm

Needle type: DPx17

Space to right of needle: 440 mm

Shoe repair machine with universal feed in 360° sewing directions.

The machine is equipped with a cylinder arm.

Tabletop D 60x55x4 cm.

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Weight 45000 g

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