Water Pump Impeller PQM 60

£24.63 +VAT

Stirovap Pedrollo Impeller.

This Impeller is capable of forcing water under high pressure into

The steam generator tank …. For years.

Part number PQm 60

We have been selling the water pump for 15 years and found it to be

Very robust and reliable.


Stirovap Pedrollo PQM81 boiler fill water pump.

Flow rate up to 90 L/min (5.4 m³/hr)
Dynamic head up to 180m

Part number PQM 60

The various models in the PQ series are designed to suit a wide range of applications, with features including:

high heads achieved from low motor powers.

small variations in delivery rates in the event of changes in the pressure demand;

high tolerance to entrained air in the pumped liquid

Aluminium MOTOR BRACKET with brass insert (patented), reducing difficulties when starting the pump after long periods without use.

BRASS IMPELLER, with radial peripheral blades, floating on the shaft AISI 316 stainless steel MOTOR SHAFT (AISI 416 up to 0.75 kW

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Weight 50 g

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