Universal drop down edge guide SGQ1

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Universal drop down edge guide SGQ1

Swing guide quilter / Dropdown edge or “T” guide.

Fits Presser bar small fitting 8mm (brother, singer, Juki, most modern chines class machines).

Part number SGQ1

For Pfaff use Part No SGQ2 10mm Presser bar fitting.

This is a very versatile edge guide because it sits above the work and can simply be dropped down for a pacific part of the sewing operation then flip back up out of the way.

Standard edge guides are fixed to the bed so are not easily placed in position & removed in a working environment.



Universal drop down edge guide SGQ1

This edge guide will fit most types of industrial lockstitch machines.

Brother, Juki, Singer, Jack, etc

Part Number SGQ1

For Pfaff machines Part No SGQ2

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Weight 50 g

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