Typical TW1-2B Outer Presser Foot Standard 6K5-013

£10.95 +VAT

Industry Standard Outer walking foot for Typical TW1-2B & Trojan GSC-254

Part No 6K5-013.

Also for Singer 132K

Part No. Seiko CS-1408

Part No. Singer 97743

Matches up with inner foot 6K3-025

We at Trojan recommend you change walking feet as a set.

Trojan Sewing Machines Supply Equivalent Heavy Duty Walking Foot Machines.

Model Excel JY-253.

All with modern designs and the latest technology. All competitively priced.



This is the standard outer walking foot.

For Typical TW1-2B & Trojan GSC-254.

Part No 6K5-013.

Part No. Singer 97743

Part No Seiko CS1408

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Weight 25 g

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