Thread Lubricating Box

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Thread Lubricating Box 

757 Deluxe thread lubricating box with permanent type reservoir. Eliminates frequent refilling of the box plus a clear view of the reservoir.

Xref = AP30E

Reduce thread shredding with this handy oiling device.

Simply sit or screw the magnetic oiler onto the top of the machine and run the thread through its reservoir to reduce thread shredding.

Also helps to make thread tension more consistent.

Use Silicone Lubricant or clear sewing machine oil, in this thread Lubricating Reservoir for best results.

Used on a thread in high heat, very thick material, inferior thread, or other very demanding applications.


Thread Lubricating Box 

This is a BRAND NEW DELUXE THREAD LUBRICATION BOX with a permanent tank-type reservoir.

Part No 757

Xref to AP30E

There are three methods of attachment to the machine,

Powerful built-in magnet.

Fastening the holding screw onto the thread spool pin.

Attaching Velcro to the underside of magnet & sewing head.

We have had customers who struggled for years with melting thread or smoking hot needles that caused all kinds of problems.

One fast installation of this thread lubricator box solved their problems immediately and permanently.

You can run Two or three threads thru the felt pads at the bottom of the reservoir. The threads will be uniformly soaked with the contents of the reservoir.

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Weight 110 g

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