Teflon Slipper / Foot MT10

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Teflon Slipper / Foot MT10

Replacement Slipper For MT1.

This base is a White, Non-Stick, Teflon Bottom.

Part Number MT10. Solid foot the idea is that it stops the toe’s getting caught in the work. 

When your Teflon Base gets worn, uneven & grooved.

You can just replace it, at a third of the cost of replacing the whole foot.

It’s slightly more chunky & Heavy-duty than other feet in its class.



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Teflon Slipper / Foot MT10

Used on Industrial single needle, standard lockstitch machines.

MT10 Replacement Slipper.

Solid Foot with needle hole, Hinged, 12.5mm wide.

This is an industry-standard Slipper.

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Weight 25 g

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