Teflon Nylon Ring Foot TRF1

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Teflon Nylon Ring Foot TRF1

High shank Teflon Foot.

Part No TRF1

Nylon ring allows for easy sewing and will not cling to “sticky” fabrics like thin leather, rubber, synthetics, laminates, plastics, etc.

This foot is spring loaded and has a White, Non-Stick, Teflon Bottom.

PTFE foot with post-traction nylon ring.

It is used on many applications when the fabrics PVC or leather are sticking or will not feed though the machine easily. 


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Teflon Nylon Ring Foot TRF1

Used on Industrial single needle, standard lockstitch machines.

TRF1 Presser Foot.

Hinged foot allows for quick adaptability to different fabric and seam thicknesses.

This is the industry standard Teflon foot.

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Weight 25 g

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