Stirovap Water/Element Gasket 3.06.050

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Stirovap Water/Element Gasket 3.06.050

Used on both the Stirovap models 233 & 231

The replacement 4 hole gasket will fit both the Element flange and water level control unit flange on the Stirovap 200 series steam generators

Part number 3.06.050

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Stirovap Water/Element Gasket 3.06.050

Gaskets are part of every steam boiler.

They’re used around the element flanges & water level control flanges.

If a boiler gasket fails the consequences are usually serious.

Hot water, steam, leaks are dangerous and reduced efficiency increases operating costs.

That’s why safety experts recommend boiler gaskets be inspected regularly and replaced every year.

Part number 3.06.050

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