Steam Generator Stirovap 231 6KW

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Steam Generator Stirovap 231 6KW

Stirovap 6.0KW double Iron Boiler.

The Stirovap 200 Series steam generator is an automatic, industrial electric steam generator designed for use with two irons.

Optional extra the 231 model can be fitted out to run 4 Irons.

The generator is heated by two powerful elements to give a total output of 6000w & ensure the 6 bar working pressure is maintained at all times.

Model 231 is recommended for use within all areas of industrial pressing including Manufacturing, Dry Cleaning, Tailoring, Dress Making, Commercial & Domestic Laundries, and Hotel Valet Departments.

The steam flow to each individual iron is controlled by the user through the adjustable solenoid valves to give as much or as little steam as needed.

No permanent installation is required.

All generators mentioned are individually tested before selling.

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Steam Generator Stirovap 231 6KW

Product Description 

Water is pumped directly into the boiler from the internal reservoir tank using the level regulating float system allowing the operators to continue pressing 24 hours a day if required. Models 231 can be plumbed directly into a external none pressurised auto fill water source. So you will never run out of water for the boiler.

There is an internal safety pressure release valve which is activated only if the boiler pressure exceeds the set amount.

The lever ball valve on the side of the unit allows the user to drain the water out of the machine when not in use & is recommended to be carried out weekly for self maintenance.

Models 231 are supplied as standard with a stainless steel boiler shell so no corrosion shall occur inside the machine.

There are four heavy duty castor wheels on the underneath of the generator to allow the unit to be moved easily as.

The boiler requires a standard single phase electric supply which is split through two 13 amp plug tops.

Manufactured in ITALY to the Highest Standards. Ideal for Use in all Industrial and Commercial Operations where there is a high steam requirement.

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