Steam Boiler Stirovap Big Steam 3

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Steam Boiler Stirovap Big Steam 3

This is the latest model featuring a water sight glass as standard 

Manufactured following the European Rules, for its qualities of solidity & small dimension.

Simple operation, just turn it on and in a few minutes, you have steam at 2.5 bar pressure available at the iron.

Ideal for replacing gravity fed irons when a more exacting requirement is needed.

A Neat, Compact Unit, it weighs in at just 8kg, making it ideal for use in Sample Rooms and Small Workshops or wherever a more demanding requirement for pressing capacity is a consideration. We have sold these units to Alteration Shops, Ironing Services, Bridal-wear Studios, Soft Furnishing Workshops and Theatre Wardrobe Departments. Can be used for steaming hanging curtains easily. 1.5metre hose gives iron long reach.

Model 303. Complete with an industrial steam iron, Cable support & iron mat.

If you are looking for what steam generator iron produces the most steam, this professional steam generator iron system is best on the market for you.

All generators mentioned are individually tested before selling.

Stand for big steam 303 Part No 6.370.10

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Steam Boiler Stirovap Big Steam 3

Technical Data 

303 230 3,0 2,3
1000 800 8 20 X 23 X 30

Mod 303 has independent Iron on switch & boiler on switch. On the Iron one touch steam push button & fully adjustable temperature control.

The Model 303 also features a pressure switch for exact control of steam pressure & a pressure gauge to indicate to the user how much steam pressure the unit contains.

There are two safety cut out devices to protect the boiler against too high temperatures.

The water fill cap acts as a safety release valve which shall release steam should the boiler pressure exceed the set amount. Also two safety thermostats. One to protect the boiler against too high temperatures, the second to protect the heating elements in case of lack of water.

An acoustic alarm will sound to alert the operator when the water level has run low in the boiler.

There is also a carry handle to assist storing the unit when not in use.

Stand for the Big Steam 3 is an optional extra.

SERVICE is the Name of the Game. We hold a full compliment of Replacement Parts for the Big Steam 3 in stock, so immediate repairs and servicing are available to our customers.



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Weight 10000 g

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