Solenoid Valve With Flow Rate Regulator 4.09.260

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3/8” Solenoid Stirovap Big Steam coil.

Steam generators models with a water capacity of between 1.5 & 3.5

litres generally use a 3/8 mounting solenoid.

Stirovap OLAB Solenoid coil is very reliable piece of kit.

Used on the Stirovap 300 range.

Part number 4.09.260


Solenoid Valve With Flow Rate Regulator 4.09.260


Min Pressure – 0 Bar

Parts in contact with the fluid/Steam. – EPDM – PTFE – RULON

7000 Nickel plate brass with sealing seat.

Body – Stainless Steel

Internal Parts – Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tube guide – Metallic sealing with the body for safety sealing also for high

temperature applications.

Manual flow regulator with teflon sealing.

Fluids – Steam /Water/ Air/ Light oils/ Light fluids.

One way directional valve.

Serviceable Valve.

Valve supplied with – Three pole plug connector UNI ISO 4400(Din 43650A) IP65.

Manual turn Knob on the regulator.

Mounting Position – Any, the position with the coil downwards is not reccommended.

Ambient Temperature – 80°C in D.C. Temperatures higher than 40°C the

performance (M.O.P.D.) could decrease.

Accessories – Connection 3/8” M – Hosetail for steam hose.

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Weight 303 g

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