Small Driver Wheel Bobbin Winder S14420-220

£7.90 +VAT

60mm Diameter drive wheel.

Please ensure that you replace Bobbin Winder like for like.

Small bobbin winder drive wheel is 65mm in diameter.

Large bobbin winder drive wheel is 75mm in diameter.

If you have a belt guard on your machine these bobbin winders are not interchangeable.

A smaller diameter drive wheel will fit under the Brother Juki Siruba / Later design type belt guards.

Usually used on standard flat / Lockstitch sewing machines


A sturdy unit that is a proven design.

Part Number S14420-220

This bobbin binder is bench mounted.

With a 65mm drive wheel diameter 

Ideal for use with Leather or V / Normal Drive Belts.

Please ring our staff if unsure 0151-677-9244

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Weight 270 g

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