Slide Plate SW0053-001

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Side / Inspection Plate for Consew 205RB Brother / Protex

Part number SW0053-001  

Its function is be an inspection plate, & viewing plate.

1.The operator can slide the plate to (usually) the left,to view the

spool case in place in the hook & Base.

2.Once the slide plate is open the operator can view how to locate the spool case correctly with in the Hook & Base.

3.With the Slide plate open the operator can view if the machine has cotton jammed in the sewing mechanism. (cotton locked)

All with out tipping the machine back, which is a much more unsafe operation.

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Brother Consew Protex Slide Plate

Part No SW0053-001

This slide plate comes complete with holding plate spring & screws.

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Weight 50 g

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