Slide Plate HA124B0711

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Slide Plate HA124B0711

Side plate for Highlead/Protex/Zoje

Slide Plate / Inspection Plate

Part No HA124B0711

Its function is be an inspection plate, & viewing plate.

1.The operator can slide the plate to (usually) the left,to view the

spool case in place in the hook & Base.

2.Once the slide plate is open the operator can view how to locate the spool case correctly with in the Hook & Base.

3.With the Slide plate open the operator can view if the machine has cotton jammed in the sewing mechanism. (cotton locked)

All with out tipping the machine back, which is a much more unsafe operation.

Trojan Sewing machines Supply Equivalent Top & Bottom Feed Walking Foot Lockstitch Machines. Model Trojan GC0318-1, Jack fully Electronic Model JK-6380E, & Jack JK6380 Top & Bottom Feed Lockstitch (without Needle Feed) used for Sewing Plastics,Leather and Bulky Work where the Extra Feed helps prevent ‘Ply Shifting’ and Sticking. This sewing Machine is Fitted with Large Capacity Rotary Hook Assemblies and offer Long Stitch Capability (up to 7mm).

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Slide Plate HA124B0711

This slide plate comes complete with holding plate spring & screws.

Slide plate Part No HA124B0711

Part also known under:

12432 & 118289-001


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