Siruba AA-6 Looper A300

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Siruba AA-6 Looper A300

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Siruba Bagstitcher Looper

Part No. A300

The SIRUBA AA-6 Sackstitcher closes Paper, Jute, Hessian and PVC bags and sacks.

Trojan Sewing Machines Supplies several equivalent Sack / Bagclosing machines. Including

The world beating Newlong NP7-A Trojan GK-26 & The Revo range of machines including the C89-1DA.


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Siruba AA-6 Looper A300

We Import and Distribute the SIRUBA AA-6 Bag Stitcher and hold stock of 100% Genuine Manufacturer’s Original Replacement Parts.

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Siruba Bagstitcher AA-6 Looper

Part No. A300

If the looper is chipped or damaged or out of time / sequence with the needle its not going to sew or chain off. 




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