Singer 27K & 28K Bobbin 8228

Singer 27K & 28K Bobbin 8228

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Bobbin Cases & Bobbins For All Makes of Industrial Sewing Machines
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We hold from stock parts for most common makes like BROTHER, JUKI, HIGHLEAD, TOYOTA, Typical, SINGER & PFAFF.

Spool for Singer 27K & 28K machines.

Part No 8228

Diameter 9.0mm width 33.0mm

Treadle Sewing Shuttle Bobbin Case 83505


Specialist Hooks, Bobbin cases and Bobbins are available to Special Order and can usually be supplied very quickly. We have contact with several specialist parts suppliers worldwide for HIROSE HOOKS & TOWA BOBBIN CASES.

Give us a call and we’ll be delighted to help.

Spool for Singer 27K & 28K machines.

Part No 8228

Suitable for singer model: 27-1 27-2 27-3 27-4 27K-1 27K-2 27K-3 27K-4 28-1 28-2 28-3 28-4 28-8 28-9 28K1 28K2 28K3 28K4 127-3 (MOST) 127-12 (MOST) 127K (MOST) 127K3 (MOST) 127K4 (MOST) 128-3 (MOST) 128-4 (MOST) 128-8 (MOST) 128-12 (MOST) 128-13 (MOST) 128-18 (MOST) 128-23 (MOST) 128K (MOST) 128K3 (MOST) 128K4 (MOST).

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