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Servo-Motor 550 Watt JACK JK-513A

£89.00 +VAT

Servo-Motor 550 Watt JACK JK-513A 

Energy Saving Servo Motor & Control Box 

FEATURES: 550W = 3/4HP

1.Motor speed adjusts to range from 200rpm to 5000rpm smoothly.

2.Fast start & stop, save the power in idle mode, save power more than 50% compared to the clutch motor.

3.Set the running direction easily.

4.Permanent magnetic brush-less motor, low noise, small vibration, low-temperature rise.

5.Energy-efficient & best product in replacement of the clutch motor.

6. Market leader Widely used though out the world. A tough reliable Servo Motor.


Servo-Motor 550 Watt JACK JK-513A 


Simple Energy Saving Servo Motor 

Voltage : 220V +/- 20%

Phase: 1 (Single Phase)

Rated Output: 550W


Speed (RPM): Up to 5000

Forward/Reverse Rotation: YES

Sewing Material: Medium to Heavy JACK JK-513A

Complete servo motor with speed control panel mounting brackets & belt guard.

What machines work with this motor?

Flat Machines/Lockstitch/Standard machines
Zigzag standard (i.e. for clothing)

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Weight 7430 g

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