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Seiko THM26B1-FL Extra Heavy Duty Lockstitch

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Seiko Industrial Heavy Duty Ornamental Stitching Sewing Machine.

Seiko THM-26B-1-FL

Two needle, Extra heavy duty, Multi different ornamental stitching, Large shuttle hook, Semi-Long arm, Flat bed, Lockstitch machines

For sewing heavy weight materials such as canvas, vinyl, leather, synthetics, synthetics and rubberized fabrics, various coated, laminated fabrics, etc.
Suitable for sewing sofas, tents, shoe uppers, suitcases, bags, jeans, sunshade,etc.

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Seiko Industrial Heavy Duty Ornamental Sewing Machine:

Seiko THM-26B-1-FL


  • Produce five(5) different ornamental stitches.
  • Suitable for heavy materials.
  • Automatic presser foot lift.
  • Semi-Long arm (working space 320 mm).
  • Cord insert available.
  • Reverse stitch.
  • Easy to change the cam.
  • Available to adjust the height of roller presser foot at 4.0mm MAX.

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Weight 45 Kg