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Seiko TE/TF Series Cylinder Arm Machine

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Seiko Industrial Heavy Duty Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine

Seiko TE/TF Series

Single needle, Cylinder bed, Oscillating shuttle hook, Drop feed, Lockstitch machines

Capable of working with extremely thick decorative/strong thread.

TE-6: Lower feed
TE-6B: Lower feed, reverse stitch
TF-6: Lower feed
TF-6B: Lower feed, reverse stitch


  • For sewing light to medium heavyweight materials such as leather, vinyl, bags, pouches, various sports equipment and other curved work.


Seiko TE/TF Series

Seiko Industrial Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine:



  • Standard is narrow toe presser foot and roller foot is supplied as accessories. (TE series)

  • This is a convenient type machine that the left hand of the operator is usable in sewing operation, due to the feature of left-hand cylinder bed. (TF series)

  • The standard foot is roller foot and the narrow toe presser foot is supplied as accessories.

  • Suitable for sewing of high-class products, due to the feature of the oscillating hook, which ensures perfect seam tightness.

Complete with Stand, Table and Motor.


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Weight 45000 g

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