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Seiko SLH Series Long Arm Extra Heavy Duty

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Seiko Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Seiko SLH Series. This machine has got to be one of the most heavy duty machines on the market…..

Single needle, Long arm, Extra heavy duty, Drop feed and walking foot, Lockstitch machines.

For sewing extra heavy weight materials
Suitable for sewing products such as safety and logging belts, cargo slings, buffing wheels, harnesses, construction barriers, parachutes, balloons, book binding, etc.

SLH-2B (Standard model)
SLH-2B-FH-1 – Long Needle Bar Stroke, high presser foot lift 32mm

Complete with Stand, Table and Motor.

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Seiko Industrial Extra Heavy Duty Long Arm Walking Foot Sewing Machine:

Seiko SLH Series


  • Suitable for extra thick thread (#0 – #00)
  • Cam take-up type makes good tension.
  • Synchronized walking foot and drop feeding mechanism assures uniform stitching.
  • Extra high presser foot lift (32mm by pedal) enable sewing extra heavy materials (SLH-2B-FH-1).
  • Extra large capacity hook minimizes the time to replace the bobbin thread.
  • 413mm working space (Extra long arm), from the needle to the sewing machine arm.
  • Long stitch length (15mm max.).
  • Reverse stitching by stitch adjusting lever.
  • Automatic back tack (BT) and automatic presser foot lift (FL).

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Weight 45 Kg