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Seiko SKZ Series Heavy Duty Zig Zag Lockstitch

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Seiko SKZ Series

Seiko Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Single needle, Heavy-duty, Extra-large horizontal axis hook, Reverse stitch, Zig-zag stitch (lockstitch) machines.


2-point(1-step) zig-zag
SKZ-2B: Upper & lower feed (walking foot)
SKZ-6B: Drop feed
SKZ-6BR: Drop feed, clothe puller

3-point(2-step) zig-zag
SKZ-2B-3: Upper & lower feed (walking foot)
SKZ-6B-3: Drop feed
SKZ-6BR-3: Drop feed, clothe puller

SKZ-6BR: Suitable for repairing fishing net
Puller performs exact stitching, by fixing flexible materials, thus suitable for sewing and repairing vinyl made fishing net, etc.

SKZ-6B-3: Suitable for sewing elastic and stretching materials
Three steps zig-zag stitching suitable for sewing elastic and stretching materials on the foundation. (Sewing type 308).


  • For sewing medium to extra heavyweight materials such as fabrics, leather, canvas, and vinyl.

  • Suitable for sewing such as luggage, rope, blankets, nets (fishing net), carpets.


Seiko SKZ Series

Seiko Industrial Heavy Duty Zig Zag Sewing Machine:


  • Suitable for ultra heavy materials

  • Puller performs accurate feed for ultra heavy materials (6BR, 6BR-3)

  • Large horizontal axis rotary hook

  • Extra-wide zig-zag

  • Cording foot available

  • From wider zig-zag stitch to straight stitch
    *Various zig-zag stitch can easily be made, from 12.7mm to 0mm straight stitch, suitable for wide application.

Complete with Stand, Table and Motor.

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Weight 45000 g

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