Seiko Rotary Hook & Base 10655

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 Hook & Base None UBT.

For Seiko Series STW-6 , STW-7, STW-7B , STW-8 , STW-8B

Part No. 10655 Equals

Part No HSH11-55

Drop in bobbin Part No 203470

This hook fits None under bed trimmer machines usually used for

medium to heavy weight fabrics.

Trojan Sewing Machines Supply Equivalent Heavy Duty Lockstitch Machines.

Model Trojan GC20618-1. Trojan GC0618-1SC

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Seiko Rotary Hook & Base 10655

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Rotary Hook Standard Spool Size Drop-in Type.

Part No. HSH11-55

Singer Part No’s 240207, 240558

For None Under Bed Trimmer (UBT) machines

Drop-in bobbin Part No 10656

Seiko Series STW-6 , STW-7, STW-7B , STW-8 , STW-8B

Bobbincase Tension Spring = 203214

Tension Spring Clamp Screw = 200594

Tension Regulating Screw = 200984

Single Needle Walking Foot Lockstitch with Needle Feed. Very popular with Upholsterers and Leather Goods Manufacturers.

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Weight 90 g

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