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Seiko LSWN 28BL-3 Twin Needle Walking Foot

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Seiko LSWN 28BL-3 Twin Needle Walking Foot

Industrial Sewing Machine

This model provides a High-speed Twin needle, Large vertical axis hook, Reverse stitch, Compound feed and Walking foot, Lockstitch machine.

Needle gauge sizes: 1/4″ (6.4 mm), 5/16″ (7.9mm), 3/8″ (9.5mm), 1/2″(12.7mm), 3/4” (19mm), (standard: 1/4″(6.4 mm).


  • For sewing medium to heavyweight fabrics, leather, vinyl, synthetics and laminated and coated materials.

  • Suitable for a variety of sewing such as boat and furniture upholstery, tarpaulins, covers, awnings, tents, umbrellas, handbags, luggage, travel ware accessories, sports and camping equipment, wearing apparel, outdoor clothing, footwear, foundation garments and orthopaedic appliances.


Seiko LSWN 28BL-3 Twin Needle Walking Foot

Industrial Sewing Machine:


  • Improved exposure of arm-feeding mechanism components which provides a safe environment. (Mechanical part of alternating presser foot, foot lifter mechanism (knee lifter) and presser foot spring relevant parts)

  • Plain needle drop area/adoption of open/close simplified faceplate which provides wide-ranged movement of sewn material.

  • Adoption of feed-adjusting dial which eases the determination process of stitch length.

  • Advanced penetration required for sewing of thick material/adoption of large pulley(O.D. 150mm) which enables the needle bar to be positioned properly.

  • Elongated workspace/adoption of built-in bobbin winder which no longer requires a mounting process.

  • Adoption of die-casting oil pan of which by-knee-lifter is built-in, aiming at efficient instalment.

  • Standard equipment of long stitch (max.10mm) suitable for thick material and amount of alternative presser lift (max. 6mm)

  • Large vertical axis hook (Automatic hook lubrication).

  • Safety clutch prevents the hook from being damaged.

Complete with Stand, Table and Motor.

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Weight 45000 g

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