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Seiko LHPWN Series Walking Foot Post Bed

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Seiko LHPWN Series Walking Foot Post Bed

Industrial Sewing Machine: Single needle, High speed, Extra high post bed, Compound feed and walking foot, Reverse stitch, left post, Lockstitch machines.

LHPWN-8B-3-SF-LP: Slim post, standard vertical axis hook.
LHPWN-8BL-3-LP: Large vertical axis hook.


  • For sewing medium to heavyweight materials such as leather, vinyl, synthetics and laminated and coated materials.
  • Suitable for sewing such products as bags, boots, travel cases and automobile upholstery.


Seiko LHPWN Series Walking Foot Post Bed

Industrial Sewing Machine:


  • Improved exposure of arm-feeding mechanism components which provides safety environment. (mechanical part of alternating presser foot, foot lifter mechanism(knee lifter) and presser foot spring).

  • Extra high post 17″ bed and wide working space make it easy for sewing of large materials.

  • The reduced distance between the needle and the edge of the throat plate (2.0mm) for sewing goods with narrow margin beautifully. (LHPWN-8B-3-SF-LP-only as an option)

  • Available to sew the smaller materials by newly designed throat plate and hook cover. (LHPWN-8B-3-SF-LP-only as an option).

  • Easy to adjust the stitch length by adjusting Dial.

  • Safety clutch prevents the hook from being damaged.

  • The right post type is available.

  • Complete with Stand, Table and Motor.

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Weight 45000 g

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