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Seiko LD Series Double Chain Stitch Flatbed

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Seiko LD Series Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

High speed, Full automatic lubrication, Flat bed, Double chain stitch machines


Compound Feed

Compound Feed and Walking Foot

LD-7 – Single Needle

LD-8 – Single Needle

LD-27 – Two Needle

LD-28 – Two Needle

LD-37 – Three Needle

LD-38 – Three Needle

LD-47 – Four Needle

LD-48 – Four Needle

LD-57 – Five Needle

LD-58 – Five Needle

LD-67 – Six Needle

LD-68 – Six Needle


  • For sewing medium to heavy weight fabrics, leather, canvas, denim, synthetics, and various coated and laminated materials.

  • Suitable for automobile upholstery, work gloves, luggage, trousers, carpets, mattresses, etc.


Seiko LD Series Double Chain Stitch Flatbed

Seiko Compound Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine:

Seiko LD Series


  • Simplified looper throw-out.

  • Easy accessibility for threading loopers.

  • No bobbin winding or changing (double chain stitch)

  • Attachments easily installed.

  • Coarse stitch(10mm stitch) version available on model LD-8.

  • Ultra long arm version (SSLD series) available

  • Cloth puller available.

  • Complete with Stand, Table and Motor.

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Weight 45000 g

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