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Seiko LCW Series Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine

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Seiko LCW Series Industrial Cylinder Arm Walking Foot Sewing Machine

High speed, cylinder bed, vertical-axis large hook, (drop-in bobbin) compound feed, walking foot, reverse stitch, lockstitch machines.

LCW-8BL-TA: For thick thread
LCW-8BL-1: Small-sized cylinder edge
LCW-8BL-1-TA: Small-sized cylinder edge, for thick thread
LCW-8BLV: Synchronized binding
LCW-8BLV-1: Synchronized binding, small-sized cylinder edge


  • For sewing medium to heavyweight fabrics, leather, synthetics, canvas and various coated and laminated materials.
  • Suitable for sewing tubular and curved work such as shoes, boots, bags and handbags.


Seiko LCW Series Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine

Seiko Industrial Cylinder Arm Walking Foot Sewing Machine


  • Semi-automatic lubrication system.

  • Vertical axis large hook.

  • Safety clutch prevents the hook from being damaged.

  • Reverse stitching.

  • The special designed cylinder edge for the special stitching on uneven materials. (8BL-1, 8BL-1-TA, 8BLV-1)

  • Synchronized binder available (8BLV, 8BLV-1)

  • Complete with Stand, Table and Motor.

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Weight 45000 g

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