Seiko BBWP-28BL Twin Needle Post Bed

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Seiko BBWP-28BL

Seiko BBW Series Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Twin-needle, High speed, Post bed, Compound feed and walking foot,
Large vertical axis hook, Reverse stitch, Lockstitch machines. 

Comes with quality brinaco stand on castors.

Also, quality Formica table top 105cm x 60cm x 4cm.

ISM 750W Heavy Duty Servo Motor.


Two-needle, automatic back tack, automatic presser foot lift.


Two-needle, automatic back tack, automatic presser foot lift, climbing device, dual stitching device.

  • Gauge sets available
  • Needle gauge size BBWP-28BL 1/4″(6.4 mm), 5/16″(7.9 mm), 3/8″(9.5 mm)
  • Gauge sets available at extra cost: 1/8″(3.2 mm), 3/16″(4.8 mm)
Max. sewing speed 2,500s.p.m.
Max.stitch length 9mm
Clearance under
9mm(by hand)
16mm(by automatic foot lifter)
Needle bar stroke 34mm
Needle (Standard) 135×17 Nm110-Nm200(Nm180)
DPx17 #18-#25(#24)
Hook Large vertical axis hook (2.0 times)
Amount of walking
foot movement
Lubrication Semi-automatic lubrication type



Seiko BBWP-28BL

Seiko Walking Foot, Needle Feed, Twin Needle Post Bed.


  • Longer stitch length quiet sewing operation
    Max. 9mm for both forward and reverse feed stitching.
    Compound feed and walking foot for positive stitching formation.
    Link-type thread take-up lever mechanism for high speed and quiet sewing operation.
  • BBW series is equipped with a large vertical axis hook(1.6 times)
    Large capacity hook minimizes the time to replace the bobbin thread in the stitching of thick thread.
    This hook promote highly efficient operation by reducing the frequency of bobbin thread replacement.
  • Safety device
    Safety device prevents damage to hook and thread handling parts caused by thread jamming.
  • Built-in bobbin winder
    Built-in bobbin winder makes it possible to wind the bobbin thread during the sewing operation.
  • Wide working space
    300 mm working space, from the needle to the sewing machine arm, Plus 300mm underarm space, makes sewing works easy to handle heavyweight and even large materials.
  • Large clearance under the presser foot
    The clearance under the presser foot (16mm), makes it easy to put heavyweight materials in and out.
  • Presser bar lifter
    As the presser bar lifter is located on the right side of the sewing machine, just above the reverse lever, sufficient space is kept behind the presser foot. Due to this, smooth sewing operation even rolled-up materials is guaranteed.

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Weight 85000 g

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