Rotary Hook Large Capacity HSH12-15MMV

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Rotary Hook Large Capacity HSH12-15MMV

For Highlead GC20618 Class GC20698 class

Protex Ty 20606 Class

Typical GC20606 class

Trojan Sewing Machines Supply Equivalent unison / compound feed Needle Lockstitch Machines.

Model’s Juki DNU-1541 LU-2810 Global WF 1767

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Rotary Hook Large Capacity HSH12-15MMV

Large Type Rotary Hook

Part No. HSH-12-15MMV

Xref Part No MP02B0120

Mitsubishi DU-100-22 105-22 107 120-22 122 125-22 127 LU2-400B 420-BOB 4400 4420

Juki LH 51.51-10 ,LH-516,517,518 , LU-53-7.562A

Brother LT2-B832-3-0(A), LT2-832-400

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Weight 90 g

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