Roller / Narrow Needle Plate 12438

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Roller / Narrow Needle Plate 12438

Part No 12438.

To be used with:

Large Roller Foot 28mm diameter.

Part No 12267

Use with;

Narrow, Single-Row Feeder Part No 12436

Small roller foot Part No 12264

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Roller / Narrow Needle Plate 12438

Part No 12438

To be used with:

Larger Roller Presser Foot 28mm diameter

Part No 12264

Small Roller Presser Foot 22mm diameter

Significantly improves feeding of these materials through your machine

Allows “Free-Style” stitching with very sharp turns

Improves visibility of stitches while sewing shapes, box and bar/flag tacks

Attaches simply; similar to the standard presser foot
• For improved control and consistent stitches, with new Feeder, requires:

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Weight 25 g

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