Revo C89-1DA DA-R Portable Bag Stitcher

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Revo C89-1DA DA-R Portable Bag Stitcher

The Most Robust Bag Stitcher

We are distributing the Revo DA-R portable bag stitcher as part of our range of Bag Stitching Machines.
These are a real alternative to high price Japanese and American machines.

The Revo DA-R machines are of the highest quality in both build and performance. They are designed to join fabric rolls, roller towels and membrane pieces together for waterproofing in ARENA’s and countless other applications where joins have to be made in confined spaces.

It is the perfect machine for closing all types of Paper, Jute, PVC, Polypropylene and Hessian types of bags and sacks. Also closes Bales and Bundles and is supplied with the Crepe Taper Holder, Folder, Special Needle Plate for Taping and a Rear Cutter to give a clean finish to the bag.

This is the machine of the future.

Well built and designed as a simple operation, easy maintenance bag stitcher with realistically priced replacement and service parts. Comes complete with hanging hook… 

Where reliability is a primary requirement. The unit is simple to operate, even for a beginner, and typically can handle up to 150 bags per hour to be closed easily.

Uses SCHMETZ or GROZ BECKERT needle system 1738-200 which are available form us singly, in packs of 10 or in boxes of 100.

A945 Bag Stitcher Thread is also available form us in both standard and food grade (M). 8oz, cotton or synthetic thread cones.

Single Needle, Single Thread Machines forms Type 1-1 Chain stitch which is very strong, yet easily opened by the ‘End-User’.

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Food grade sewing machine oil: Lubricating Oil Food Grade VHVI 32

Crepe Paper: Crepe Tape Roll CA-90

White Thread: Bagstitcher Food Grade Thread A945

Blue Thread: Bagstitcher Food Grade Thread Blue A945-B

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Revo C89-1DA DA-R Portable Bag Stitcher

All Revo DA-R machines have a first-rate power lubricator complete with oil pump that ensures all machine parts receive correct lubrication and internal felts maintain the lubrication of contact parts, thus extending service life.

Needle DBx1 # 200

Built In Thread Trimmer

The Revo DA-R machine, complete with 15mm toothed belt, cuts the thread chain at the end of each bag and allows for simple and reliable operation of the machine, conducting even the most resilient of bag closing jobs.

Available 240volt and 110volt

Standard 240 voltage for everyday use and 110 voltage for use where water is present as in laundries and dyeing and bleaching plants.

High Operating speed of 1700

High speeds allowing 1700 stitches per minute results in high productivity and easy closes of 100+ Bags per hour, every hour of every day.

Safety & Protection

Strong Plastic Handle Insulates Operator

Lightweight – Weighs In at 5kg

So continuous use is easy. Also suitable for use with our A962 SPRING BALANCE UNIT and the A947 Hanging Hook to prevent operator fatigue.

Vibration Magnitude

No Load 7.76 meters Per Second

Under Load 6.56 Meters Per Second


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Weight 7000 g

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