Raw Edge Shell Binder KHF2

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Raw Edge Shell Binder KHF2 


5MM ~ 13MM

5MM ~ 14MM

5MM ~ 16MM

5MM ~ 18MM

5MM ~ 20MM

5MM ~ 22MM

5MM ~ 24MM

5MM ~ 26MM

7MM ~ 12MM

7MM ~ 14MM

7MM ~ 16MM

7MM ~ 18MM

7MM ~ 20MM

7MM ~ 22MM

7MM ~ 24MM

7MM ~ 26MM

7MM ~ 28MM

7MM ~ 30MM

10MM ~ 22MM

10MM ~ 24MM

10MM ~ 26MM

10MM ~ 28MM

10MM ~ 30MM

10MM ~ 32MM

10MM ~ 36MM




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Raw Edge Shell Binder KHF2 

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For machines listed below:

Seiko BBW-8BL

Seiko BBW 8-BLC

Juki LU-2860 Class

Juki LU-2810 Class

Juki LU-2210 Class

Juki LU-2210 Class

Brother LS2-B891

Durkopp 367,467,767,867.

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