R-18HD Twin-Needle, Bag Making Machine

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Revo Bag Making Sewing Machine – Twin Needle, Four Thread R-18HD

Revo R-18 Series machines are ideal for seaming and hemming light to heavy weight material such as a jute or PP/PE woven cloth bag.

These machines are designed for manufacturing HDPE/PE woven sacks and jumbo bags.

The completely automatic and totally enclosed lubrication system in the R-18 machines operates using a force-fed gear pump and a pressure regulating valve.

The oil lines from the pump direct the lubricant to the main moving parts and on return, the oil is efficiently recycled and pumped back into the system.

Simple working of the R-18 Series allows the operator to achieve faster and better production with less downtime.

Trojan can supply food grade sewing machine oil for this Twin Needle sack stitcher….

Stitch length :Distance between two stitches can be varied by replacing some of th the machine parts

No Bobbin :This feature of R-18 Series makes it ideal for environments where Infrastructure high production is fundamental.

Lubrication :Oil pump lubrication with oil recycling system ensures long life of machine requiring minimum maintenance.

Reinforced mechanism : Wide presser foot resists lift, keeping thick bags aligned for a smooth, even and better looking stitch.

Stitch length : Length of stitch in Revo® R-18 Series can be regulated with ease.

Stitch width : Width of stitch is adjustable by replacing some of the machine parts.

Stitch variation: Single thread chain stitch is available by replacing some parts.

Tape: Any type of cotton or synthetic yarn and plastic tape can be attached and used with an optional tape attaching folder.

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R-18HD Twin-Needle, Bag Making Machine

MAXIMUM SPEED: 3500 Stitches per minute

STITCH LENGTH: 10 to 16 stitches per 100mm (variable)


KIND OF MATERIAL: All types of woven sacks, Hessian and multi-wall paper bags.

POWER REQUIRED: 500W, 2800 rpm single phase clutch motor

SEAM: Two parallel, each two-thread chain-stitch seams. (2 needles, 2 loopers, 4 thread)


LUBRICATION: Complete oil pump lubrication with an oil recycling system.

NEEDLE SIZE: For cotton thread: DN × 1 200/25 Schmetz

For plastic thread: DN x 1 230/26 Schmetz~THREAD~HDPE or synthetic/cotton


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