Pressure Switch 4.07.110

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The XP110 steam pressure switch is one that can be triggered once the steam pressure inside the boiler reaches a high point. This will trigger the vessel’s elements to switch off. If the pressure switch is not functioning accordingly, there is a great chance that the heating elements will continue staying on.

This will then result to more problems, including the possibilities of building higher pressure on the vessel thus causing it to release the safety pressure value and make the steam generator unusable.

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Stirovap XP110 Series Pressure switch with two connections.

Part number 4.07.110.

1/4″ BSP 1.5 –6 bar
The pressure range is adjustable to desired setting.

Stirovap boiler models pressure switch installed in.

Stirovap 213

Stirovap 223

Stirovap 370


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Weight 60 g

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