Post Bed Single Needle Wheel Feed Fully Automatic Jack JK-6691

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Jack Single Needle Wheel Feed Postbed

Fully automatic core sewing machine with advancement of roller type material, top and bottom feed.

It is used to work with intricate leather upholstery jobs in the automotive industry, also used in the manufacturing of bags, gloves, hats, wallets, sports shoes, leather shoes.

The machine is equipped with voice guidance, which alerts you to faults.

If necessary, sewing parameters can be reset to the factory settings with one button.

Equipped with 2 USB ports that can be used to charge a mobile phone or update software.

The limiter for materials allows to ensure high accuracy of the sewing position, which improves productivity.

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Jack Single Needle Wheel Feed Postbed


– Top and bottom promotion

– Automatic thread trimming

– Automatic foot lift

– Voice guidance

– Japanese shuttle

– 2 USB ports

– High piercing power

– Integrated control panel

– Two- needle light setting of the working area

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Weight 45 Kg