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Newlong Bag / Sack Closing NP-7A

£480.00 +VAT

The Best & most copied Bagstitcher around.

We are distributing the NEWLONG NP-7A Potable BAG STITCHER as part of our range of Bag Stitching Machines.

These are genuine Japanese NEWLONG machines and must not be compared to imitations.

These are of the highest quality in both build and performance.

The NP-7A is the perfect machine for closing all kind of PVC, Jute, Polyprop & Woven Bags and Sacks.

We think you might need some Crepe Paper to go with this machine

This is the machine that others are compared too.

Where reliability is a primary requirement. The unit is simple to operate, even for a beginner, and typically can handle six 50 Kg bags/min.

Uses Standard DNx1 Needle Which Is Available From Us.

Single Needle, Single Thread Type 101 Stitch.

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Food grade sewing machine oil: Lubricating Oil Food Grade VHVI 32

Crepe Paper: Crepe Tape Roll CA-90

White Thread: Bagstitcher Food Grade Thread A945

Blue Thread: Bagstitcher Food Grade Thread Blue A945-B



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Newlong Bag / Sack Closing NP-7A

All NEWLONG NP-7A machines have a ‘Built In’ One shot lubrication system, Oil Pump which ensures correct oiling of all moving parts, thus ensuring prolonged service life even in the harshest environments like chemicals & minerals or Building Materials.

Integrated Thread Trimmer

The NEWLONG NP-7A machines have a built in Tread Trimmer as standard. Quick and easy thread trimming at the end of each Bag allows fast throughput of up to 100 bags per hour, every hour of every day.

Speeds of upto 1900 spm

High Speeds mean more bag throughput, one of the fastest operating Portable Bag Stitchers around.

Safety & Protection

Plastic Handle Insulates Operator

Lightweight – Weighs In at 6kg with thread

Avoid operator fatigue.
Also suitable for use with our SPRING BALANCE UNIT for even greater ease of use.

Vibration Magnitude

No Load 7.76 meters Per Second

Under Load 6.56 Meters Per Second


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Weight 8000 g

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