Newlong DS-9 Needle DR-H30

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Newlong DS-9 Needle DR-H30 # 26

Newlong DS-9

Price is per needle…

Needles can be supplied in boxes of qty 25: 

Part No B05001DR-H30 # 26

Xref = 214×2 # 230/26

Xref = DRX2 # 230/26

Xref = 142×2 # 230  

We sell & distribute the NEWLONG DS-9 Sack Stitches and hold stock of replacement Parts.
So give us a call and get your parts tomorrow. This is just a selection of our most popular parts. So, if you cannot see your part or are unsure what you need, take a look in the Parts List or please call and we’ll be delighted to help.

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Newlong DS-9 Needle DR-H30 # 26

Newlong Bag DS-9 Closing/Stitching Machines


Part No DR-H30 # 26

Xref = 124×2 # 26

Will fit other Newlong models in the series

DS-2(II), DS-6, DS-9A & DS-9C DS-9AW DC-9CW DS-9P

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Weight 10 g

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