Needle Plate 111859-001-E20

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Needle Plate 111859-001-E20

Throat Plate / D Plate

Part number 111859-001

E20 = 2.0mm needle hole size.

With line gauge from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

The feed/teeth for this plate is Part number 111860-001

This throat plate is universally one of the most popular used

on all makes of plain sewer sewing machines.

If your industrial sewing machine is set up to sew clothing or light to medium work, the chances are you have this plate on your machine.

Needle Plates & Feed Dogs are designed as a matching pair. Therefore we recommend when replacing one item, that you also replace the other two. Good quality feed parts give increased quality and consistency in the sewn product.


Needle Plate 111859-001-E20

We have simply 100’s of Needle Plates & Feed Dogs to fit all common Industrial Sewing Machines in use today.
This is just a selection of our most popular feed & plate combinations.
Please call, we can help you.

It’s classed as a chain off the plate.

This plate has been designed to help the sewing machine “chain off” when there is no work under the presser foot.

This plate has line’s marked into it every 1/4”

Also comes in various size needle holes.

E18 = 1.8mm Needle hole

E20 = 2.0mm Needle hole

E22 = 2.2mm Needle hole

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Weight 50 g

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