Led Single Sewing Machine Needle Lights TD-3A

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Led Single Sewing Machine Needle Lights TD-3A

Magnetic strip mountings allows the led light to be mounted directly above the needle and sewing area.

This is High-performance LED lamp
Save 90% energy compare to traditional fluorescent light
Service-life is around 60000 hours

Machine magnetic mounted fitting allows the led needle light to be mounted anywhere on the sewing machine.


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Led Single Sewing Machine Needle Lights TD-3A

1. Energy conservation, power 0.5W, one unit of electricity can run for 2000 hours; the light can be on or off, which could avoid wastage of energy.

2. LED made in Taiwan, high brightness and long life (approximately 50,000 hours);

3. Taiwan IC transformer, high safety. – Input Voltage: 250V / 20V, Current: 20MA.

4. Large irradiation and soft light, DC power, no stroboscopic, no dazzling, no fever, and environmental health;

5. Nice-looking appearance and smart;

6. Applicable to any type of sewing machine;

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