Lay End Cutter Automatic

£1,027.00 +VAT

Lay End Cutter Automatic

Automatic End Cutter 

2.6M Automatic Lay End Cutter

The device cuts precisely and presses the material. You save material and labour cost.

The rails are 260 cm long in standard what enables assembling on a table 230 cm maximum wide or smaller.

The set consists of:

  • Cutter and material feeder

  • Automatic layers counter

  • Front cloth press

  • If you need “Which we highly recommend” the additional rear cloth press please see item in this category or type in search box DB-01


Lay End Cutter Automatic 

Long Handle / Automatic Lay End Cutter

Technical Specification



Type of lay end-cutter


Rail length

260 cm

Max. table width

230 cm

Cutting Speed

12,000 rpm

Motor Power




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