Juki TSC-441 Extra Heavy Duty Cylinder Arm

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Juki TSC-441 Walking Foot / Unison-feed Cylinder Arm

This machine is an extra heavy-duty but not a monster class.

Will handle No 8 Thread

The machine comes with a large shuttle-hook. So, you can use heavy gauge threads.

Plus, it’s got a large bobbin.

An impressive 20mm foot lift, this helps a lot to get the work in & out of the machine.

Large stitch size at 15mm

Good Cylinder arm length at 420mm

Comes complete with Juki pedestal/tripod unit stand.

Also, on quality tabletop 73 x 56 x 4cm 

Good all-round cylinder arm machine that’s a little easier to use.


Juki TSC-441 Extra Heavy Duty Walking Foot / Unison-feed Cylinder Arm

Basic Specification

Single needle

A heavy-duty walking foot, needle feed

20mm presser foot lift height

15mm max stitch length

420mm arm length

Extra-large capacity hook and base

Max Speed 800 SPM


I.S.M SV71650WNP ISM Servo motor 650 Watt Single phase 220 Volt. With needle position maximum speed 3500 rpm suitable for heavy-duty type machines that require needle position function with a back heel.

Motor over-current protection and High/Low voltage isolation.

2 Digital Display provides flexible function control.

Input Voltage Range 220V ± 10%
Motor Output Power 650W
Motor Rated Speed 3500 RPM
Pulley Size Range 65mm
Gross Weights 4.5KG 4.5KG
Motor rotating direction control Y Y
Needle up/down positioning Y Y
Speed control Y Y
Soft start Y Y
Accelerating slope Y Y
Decelerating slope Y Y

Additional information

Weight 100000 g

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