Juki PLC-2710-7 Postbed Single-Needle Unison feed Automatic

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Juki PLC-2710-7 Single-needle Postbed Unison feed Fully Automatic

Post-bed, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Large Hook, Underbed Trimmer, Auto Backtacks, Auto Foot Lift.

The Juki PLC-2710 is the most-advanced sewing machine which is best-suited to the sewing of heavy weight materials sewing processes such as car-seats, sofas, and sports goods. The long-distance from the machine arm to the needle contributes to improved workability.

Walking-foot/presser-foot alternating vertical movement mechanism prevents irregular stitches.


Juki PLC-2710-7 Single-needle Post bed Unison feed Automatic Underbed Trimmer

The Juki PLC-2710 has adopted a feed mechanism which keeps the ratio between the amount of the vertical movement of the walking foot and that of the presser foot constant even when the material is changed. The amount of the alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and the presser foot is 9 mm at the maximum. This amount can be set with ease by means of the large dial installed on the upper section of the sewing machine.

Higher lift of the presser bar Pneumatic as standard on the PLC-2710-7.

A presser bar height of 20 mm is achieved when using the automatic presser bar lifting lever. Thanks to this feature, the process of joining leather and heavy-weight sponges, which are usually used as materials for expensive sofas, can be carried out with ease.

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Weight 50000 g

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