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Juki Newly Developed Coverstitch MF7900

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Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

High-speed, Cylinder-bed, Top & Bottom Coverstitch Machine

The Juki MF-7900 Series is a newly developed coverstitch machine provided with lots of mechanisms for improving the seam quality:

Thanks to the new feed mechanism, many different types of sewing are achieved and responsiveness to sewing materials is improved.

Micro-lifter mechanism

Elastic material or delicate material can be sewn with the presser foot kept slightly raised. This effectively helps reduce the degree of slippage, warpage and damage of the material.

Differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism
It is possible to finely adjust the differential feed amount to a best-suited value for the material to be used.

Simplified maintenance mechanism

The looper thread twining prevention mechanism has been improved and is provided as standard for the sewing machine.
In the case of looper thread breakage, the looper thread twining prevention mechanism is activated to trim the looper thread before the thread twines on the looper thread cam. The externally-mounted looper thread cam promises improved maintainability

Commercially-available gauge components are applicable with no additional work.
As a result of the commonality of components, commercially-available components (presser foot, throat plate and needle clamp) are now applicable and easily obtainable.

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Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:

Juki MF-7900


Model Number

Juki MF-7900 Series

Juki MF-7900D series

 Stitch type

 2-needle/3-needle top and bottom covering stitch

 2-needle/3-needle top and bottom covering stitch


 UY128GAS (#10S) #9~#12S

 Lift of the presser foot

 5mm (with top and bottom covering stitch),
8mm (with bottom covering stitch)

 Stitch pitch adjustment

 By dial

 Differential feed adjustment

 By micro-adjustment mechanism



 Automatic (frame: no lubrication)

 Needle gauge (mm)

 3.2, 4.0, 4.8, 5.6, 6.4

 Needle bar stroke converting function

 U11, H11, H22, H23, E11 : Provided as standard: 31mm: at the time of delivery / When sewing a heavy-weight material: 33mm

 E22, E23 : Provided as standard: 33mm: at the time of delivery / When sewing a heavy-weight material: 35mm


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Weight 45 Kg