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Juki MS-3580 3-Needle 2 Chainstitch Machine

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Juki MS-3580 3-Needle 2 Chainstitch Machine

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Feed-off-the-arm, 3-needle Double Chainstitch Machine

This Juki MS-3580 Series demonstrates increased feed efficiency to handle extra heavy weight 16-ply denim. Engineered with extra feeding strength for seaming the inside of jeans:


Smooth, efficient feeding of extra heavy weight 16-Ply, 14 oz denim for seaming inside seams.

Strong feeding mechanism of the puller
The puller incorporates a one-way clutch mechanism which contributes to consistent feeding of the material. (The mechanical part is protected by a cover for added safety.)

Thread take-up device which helps produce even stitches with consistency
The feeding amount of needle thread is automatically adjusted to the pressure foot height during sewing, thereby producing even stitches with consistency.

The machine has been designed to achieve the best possible ease of threading.
When the looper pushbutton (*) located on the operator side of the top of the machine head is pushed, the tip of the looper moves downward to allow the operator to thread the machine head with ease.

The differential feed adjusting lever is located on the front face of the machine head.
The differential feed adjusting lever can be adjusted even during sewing, thereby effectively preventing cloth slippage between two plies.


Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:

Juki MS-3580


Model Series

Juki MS-3580 Series

Model Number

Juki MS-3580S1SN

Juki MS-3580S0SN

Stitch type

3-needle, 6-thread, double chain stitch machine


For medium- to heavy-weight materials: jeans, denim jackets, work uniforms, etc.

Max. sewing speed


Needle gauge

6.4mm, 7.2mm

Stitch length

2.1mm3.6mm (standard 3.2mm)

Weight of the machine head


Lift of the presser foot

Max. 9mm (at the time of delivery 6.5mm)

Feed adjusting method

Main feed: Slide-type stitch-length adjusting method

Differential feed: Lever adjusting method

Without the differential feed capability


Automatic rotary-pump type oiling

Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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