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Juki MP-200N Pinpoint Saddle Stitching Machine

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Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Pinpoint Saddle Stitching Machine

The Juki MP-200N is able to perform sewing with a reduced tension applied to the thread, thereby widening its application range. With its upgraded responsiveness to changes in materials and processes, the machine always produces beautiful and soft pinpoint stitches.

  • Pinpoint stitch machine is used for topstitching on the front-facing of men’s wear, as well as front flies, pocket mouths and trouser sides, as a cost-effective topstitching machine that offers increased productivity.

  • It can be used for a wider range of applications requiring narrower to wider stitch widths.

  • Excellent seam quality, the Juki MP-200N achieves more improved sewing capabilities and a wider adjustment range.

  • Equipped with a box-type feed that permits a split adjustment in both horizontal and vertical directions, thereby responding to the sewing of various types of materials.

  • The inclination of the feed dog is also adjustable in accordance with the material.

  • The accuracy of the installation of needle positions is improved, which determines the seam quality.


Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:

Juki MP-200N


Model Number

Juki MP-200NS

Juki MP-200NL

 Max. sewing speed

 2,000sti/min✽ (feed pitch 6mm or less)
1,500sti/min✽ (feed pitch 6~8mm)
1,200sti/min✽ (feed pitch 8~10mm)

 1,500sti/min✽(feed pitch 6~8mm)
1,200sti/min✽ (feed pitch 8~10mm)

 Pinpoint stitch width (needle gauge)

(2.0mm: Spacer is required to be changed
with the one supplied with the machine)


 Feed pitch


 10mm (For the needle gauge of 5mm)

(at the time of delivery)


 SCHMETZ 29C150 (Nm90) Nm80~Nm140

 ORGAN CP×1J (#22U) #18U~#22U


 SCHMETZ 29C151 (Nm100) Nm80~Nm140

 ORGAN CP×12J (#23) #19~#30

Lift of the presser foot

 By hand: 5.5mm/By knee: 10.5mm


 By an oiler

Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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