Juki MO-6714S/LB6 Twin Needle Overlock

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Juki MO-6714S/LB6 Twin Needle Overlock

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

2-needle Overlock Machine with Semi-automatic Backlatch Device


Beautifully finished seams at the beginning of sewing.
Aided by the precise control of the stitch number provided by the material-edge sensor and SC-510 control box. The chain-off thread is completely tucked into the finished seam on the material to achieve a beautifully finished sewing product.

The machine comes with a throat plate intermediate claw forward/backward mechanism (for 2-needle overlocking machines).
The throat plate intermediate claw automatically moves backwards at the end of sewing so that the chain-off thread can be guided to the needle thread retainer without getting caught by the claw, giving the seam a beautiful finish.

The back latching function can be released.
The machine is easily adaptable to the standard specifications.
The tension-release function can be disabled by setting the material edge sensor in the OFF state. 


Juki MO-6714S/LB6 Twin Needle Overlock

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine MO6700S Series:


Model name

Juki MO-6714S/LB6


Provided as standard

Compressed air


Motor output


Power requirement

Single-phase 100120V, 200240V
3-phase 200240V

Power consumption

Rating 425VA

Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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