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Juki MH380 Double Chainstitch Machine

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Juki MH380 Double Chainstitch Machine

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

High-speed, Flat-bed, Double-needle, Double Chainstitch Machine.


JUKI ensures high-quality sewing with a higher degree of consistency with its unique looper mechanism and consistent condensation stitching mechanism.

The Juki MH-380 ensures outstanding reliability and durability.
It comes with JUKI’s unique inclined crank type looper mechanism. You can use the sewing machine for a long time without ever worrying about looper failure.

The Juki MH-380 is capable of performing consistent condensation stitching, ensuring finished seams of higher quality.
You can easily set the machine to perform condensation stitching by operating the lever. Condensation stitches that prevent the thread from fraying can be consistently sewn.

Stitch length can be adjusted with ease.
The Juki MH-380 incorporates a stitch dial for adjusting the stitch length. This means you can adjust the stitch length as desired without difficulty.


Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:

Juki MH-380


Model Number

 Juki MH-380

Juki MH-382

 Parallel 2-needle

 Tandem 2-needle

 Max. sewing speed


 Max. stitch length


 Lift of the presser foot

 By hand: 5.5mm, By knee: 10mm

(at the time of delivery)

 TV×7 (#14) #9~#21

 Thread take-up

 Needle bar thread take-up

 Stitch length adjustment

 By stitch dial (lockstitch)

 Looper system

 Rocking type looper

 Looper stroke


 Elliptical motion




 Needle cooler


Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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