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Juki MF-7200D Small-Cylinder-Bed Coverstitch

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Juki MF-7200D Small-Cylinder-Bed Coverstitch

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Semi-dry-head, Small-cylinder-bed, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine that supports comfortable “sewing” work:

Introducing a world-first feature –JUKI’S DRY-HEAD TECHNOLOGY

  • Preventing oil from leaking from the needle bar, presser bar and spreader shaft.

  • The needle bar mechanism and spreader mechanism have been applied with JUKI’s unique special grease for lubrication, allowing the machine’s frame mechanism to demonstrate outstanding durability without the need for oil.

  • Environmental harmfulness is reduced due to a lack of oil stains on sewing products.

The outer circumference of the cylinder section is 176 mm!!

  • The sewing machine easily sews convent traditionally hard-to-sew small-in-diameter tubular parts such as the sleeve cuffs of sportswear and ladies’ cut-and-sewn wear and the necklines of children’s wear.


Juki MF-7200D

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:


Model Number

Juki MF-7200D Series

 Stitch type

 3-needle top and bottom covering stitch

 Max. sewing speed



 UY128GAS#10S #9S ~ #12S

 Lift of the presser foot

 8 (needle gauge 5.6mm, without top covering stitch), 5mm (with a top covering stitch)

 Stitch pitch adjustment

 By dial

 Differential feed adjustment

 By micro-adjustment mechanism


 Semi-dry/Automatic (frame: no lubrication)

 Feed dog inclination adjustment

 Provided as standard

 Weight of the machine head

 42kg (without device), 44kg (with UT45), 48kg (with UT42)

Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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