Juki MF-3620 Flatlock 4 Needle Feed Off The Arm Top and Bottom Cover

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Juki MF-3620 Series

4-needle, Feed-off-the-arm, Flatseamers, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine

If you are going down this road, you’re going to need a well-built machine that’s going to last…

We are delighted to announce that new subclass models have been added; one model is best-suited to the sewing of hard-to-sew materials with multi-directional elasticity such as swimwear, while another model is for the prevention of uneven feed of the tape-attached parts of boxer briefs and running shirts to provide more consistent seam quality.

In addition, the multi-purpose type subclass model which is able to perform both one-side cutting and both-sides cutting has also been added, intended for sewing plants engaged in the sewing of diversified sewing items.

Optional Genuine Juki Extra’s

Part No 400-74871 Chain Off Thread Trimmer Set £1186.00

Part No 400-74870 Presser Foot Lifter Set £622.00

Part No 400-74872 Cloth Chip Suction Set £1083.00 




Juki MF-3620 Flatlock 4 Needle Feed Off The Arm Top and Bottom Cover

Juki’s original design 4-needle flat seamer has been launched.

The Juki MF-3620 series is provided with various functions for easier use and an increased sense of safety to achieve beautifully finished seams with consistency. The sewing machine prevents oil leakage. As a result, stain removal work is no longer required to allow the sewing machine to maintain increased productivity.

A direct-drive type model has been added.

A servomotor is installed on the machine head for adopting the direct-drive mechanism. The power consumption has been reduced by approximately 52 % as compared with the conventional model.

Since the Juki MF-3620 Series provides superb responsiveness, the material can be controlled as desired when sewing a curve part. In addition, the belt-drive type sewing machine (when a servomotor is used) has also had its power consumption reduced by 32 %.

Oil leakage is prevented.

The frame is shielded and equipped with mechanisms for micro-quantity lubrication and JUKI’s unique forced oil circulation. The thread take-up mechanism arranged on the outside of the arm prevents the entry of oil splashes and dust.

The MF-3620 is also configured with JUKI’s unique oil-thrower mechanism to protect the looper section from oil infiltration. Excess oil is speedily reclaimed via the new oil groove.

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Weight 55000 g

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