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Juki MEB-3900N Digital Keyhole Buttonhole

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Juki MEB-3900N Digital Keyhole Buttonhole

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

This is the Jeans Model

Equipped with an active thread tension mechanism that controls the tension of the needle thread and the looper thread.

The knife is controlled by a stepper motor.

Programmed with 10 different stitching shape patterns as standard, as many as 87 different patterns can be stored in the memory

On the panel, you can select two cutting modes: before sewing a buttonhole and cutting after sewing.

The right and left work clamps are separately controlled by independent air cylinders. This mechanism clamps fabric of different thicknesses, preventing the fabric from sagging.

The machine head has a recess in the body for more efficient vertical buttonholes. Due to computer control, the design of the Juki MEB-3200 eliminates complex and cumbersome mechanisms, which also increases the productivity of the machine.

Model advantages:

Thread trimming style: thread tail is longer

Workpiece clamping height: 13 mm (max 16 mm)

Sewing shape changing method: by program selection

Lubrication: Automatic (looper and spreader: oiler)

Powerful Direct Drive Motor for enhanced responsiveness with reduced noise and vibration

 Sewing double chain stitch (with gimp thread)


Juki MEB-3900N Digital Keyhole Buttonhole

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:

Sewing speed up to 400 – 2,500 stitches/min

Stitch Length 10mm – 38mm

Motor rotation speed 2200 rpm

Loop type straight/eye

Needle DOx558

Needle deflection 2~3.2mm

Dimensions 1060x790x1230 mm

Specification….. Made in Japan

Model name

Juki MEB-3900N

Juki MEB-3900C



Cotton Pants and Workwear

Max. sewing speed

2,500 sti/min

2,500 sti/min

Max. stitch length



Number Of Patterns For Standard Stitching



Custom Pattern Memory Capacity



Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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