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Juki MB1800 Chainstitch Button Sewer

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Juki MB1800

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

Computer-controlled, Dry-head, High-speed, Single-thread, Chainstitch Button Sewing Machine with button feeder

  • The Juki MB-1800 is able to independently sew various stitching shapes such as U-shaped stitching, X-shaped stitching and Z-shaped stitching.

  • The machine has 55 different stitching patterns as standard.

  • In addition to the sewing shapes, the buttonhole intervals and number of stitches can also be changed on the operation panel.

  • With its increased button-feeding speed and high-speed machine head capable of a maximum sewing speed of 1,800rpm the machine dramatically increases productivity.

  • Three different operation modes available, employing the machine by a small-lot production system:

    • The automatic button feeding mode in which the machine continuously feeds the buttons in the feeder bowl,

    • The non-feed mode in which the operator manually places the buttons in the sewing position one by one,

    • The small-lot sewing mode in which the operator sets the buttons in place for one garment (five or six buttons) in advance, upon which the buttons are automatically and continuously fed to the sewing position.

  • The machine ensures remarkable ease in operation and is provided with a wider sewing area to facilitate garment setting.


Juki Industrial Sewing Machine:

Juki MB-1800


Model No.: (Juki MB-1800S, Juki MB-1800B) & (Juki MB-1800A/BR10)

Max. Sewing Speed: 1,800 rpm 

 Amount of Feed

 Crosswise feed 0~10mm – Lengthwise Feed 0~6.5mm

  Crosswise feed 0~4.0mm – Lengthwise Feed 0~4.0mm

Wiper Unit


 Provided as standard

 Needle (at the time of delivery)

 TQ x 7 (#16) #14~#20

 Feed System

 By stepping Motor


 No lubrication

 Discrimination of the button to be feed


 Vibration system

 button feed


 by the horizontal, forced feed machanism

 Button Feed Mode


 automatic feed mode, non-feed mode and small-lot sewing mode


 Machine head, Circuit Board 25KG

 Machine Head, Circuit Board, control box for BR, device and table 56.5kg


Additional information

Weight 45000 g

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